Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Information in English

Über was wird auf diesen Seiten geschrieben? Und welche Motivation steckt dahinter? Eine kurze Selbstdarstellung in Englisch.

In this blog you will find information about the assistance market mainly in the insurance companies. The insurance companies are working in the fields of travel insurance, roadside assistance, health and lifecare services, property assistance, daily life services etc. I also write about the assistance markets in automotive industry, tourism, health, energy and card line. One focus of my work is to describe the challenges in the insurance industry. Few challenges are for example in the field of demographic and social change, in the field of law and legislation, in the risk management and social responsibility, in the marketing activities, in the field of research and science. 

Other challenges are in the range of the industrialization and innovation, in human resources and health, in property management and communication etc. This blog aims to contribute to education on the assistance market. It should identify problems and their solutions and alternatives. It will also invite discussion. The articels are researched, comprehensible and factually. I write independently and critically. The site is free of advertising. It was founded in March 2012. On this site I write in my spare time. What is the motivation behind it? Lifelong learning, knowledge, inquisitiveness and networking with different people. In the future I try to write at the end of each article a summary in English. Please write me if you have any questions or comments. Thank you. (ucy)